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Sunday, February 20, 2011


There have been nearly an infinite number of technological advances during my lifetime, it seems! And technology just keeps marching on. But, during my childhood, things moved a little more slowly.

Probably the hugest advance to impact me in a global way was the lunar landing in 1969. I still have the front page of a Seattle newspaper from that date. It was amazing to me! I am still amazed at the heavens and how we can navigate them, and place equipment and space stations there. This is the stuff of science fiction from my childhood.

Other advances had more of an impact personally because
my dad almost always did his accounting work from home, so we had typewriters and adding machines and the big posting machine. He taught us to use them, at least, I remember Jaci and I helping him. I learned to type before I was 12 on an old, black typewriter. I don't remember the brand (Dad probably knows), but it looked something like the one pictured here. I took a  typing class in summer school after sixth grade. All of the typewriters were electric, by then. When I got my first job after high school, as a secretary, I was the first one in the office to get an IBM Selectric, the Cadillac of electric typewriters!

The adding machine was replaced by electric and battery-operated calculators. When I was 18, a 10-key calculator cost about $75. We thought we would probably never own one. Now, you can buy more advanced calculators for $1! 
Computers were not in general use in either the business-place or the home when I was growing up. It wasn't until about ten years into my married years that the TRS-80 became somewhat commonplace in homes.

The advent of the VCR (video cassette recorder) was also a big one. I mean, really. Who ever thought you could watch any show, any time? We could suddenly go somewhere during our favorite shows and view them later. Now, VCR tapes fill boxes and shelves at garage sales and thrift stores, along with 8-track tapes. Oh, the memories!

I actually love technology! I love what I can do because of the advances. Just the power to communicate worldwide from my desk at home is an incredible thing. Not to mention the research, the jobs that are home-based because of the technology available. And, do you love your cell phone? How about your remote control(s)? 

We are along for one ever-changing ride. Hold on! It's getting faster :)

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